While stuck at home with swine flu, blog links updated

Yay, it got to me, so what better opportunity, while under quarantine, to update the blog?

Apart from changing the appearance, I’ve added some links and a widget, here is a description of what I’ve added and why:

I’ve added ‘Valley of the Deaf’, the blog of a Deaf anthropologist in Adamorobe; now, that is highly worthy research of what I’d like to see more of, the lives of Deaf people residing in the majority nations, where 80% of Deaf people in the world live. Especially in villages where Deaf and hearing people both sign. What is life really like in the villages? What can we learn about villages where Deaf and hearing sign? Annelies gives us a first hand account.

I finally got round to joining Twitter – first suggested to me by Alison nearly 18 months ago (and shows how slow and far behind I am)! Have added that to the webpage; not sure what to make of it, but so far have enjoyed the way it enables me to keep in touch with friends and other people in the world.

For fun, I joined ‘Project Steve’: I’m number 1094! It’s a tongue-in-cheek parody of the creationists ‘lists of scientists’ who try to convince the public that scientists are rejecting evolution in large numbers.

Project Steve is poking fun at the practice of creating lists, by showing there are tens of thousands of scientists supporting evolution.  They chose the name ‘Steve’ after the late evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould, who’s work I have admired for a long time.

One thing I learnt is that ‘Steve’s’ make up only 1% of scientists: they added me because my phd research is in the field of social sciences. I wonder if there are any other Deaf Steve’s on that list…  And little did mum know when she gave me the name that I’d end up on a list of project steve’s some years later!

Both the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and Project Steve can be found on the links, including the ‘statement’ supporting scientific evolution teaching in schools (a hot topic in the USA).