Last update: 27 February 2018


– Emery, S.D. (2011) Citizenship and the Deaf Community, Ishara Press: Nijmegen, Holland. [Includes a British Sign Language DVD]

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

– O’Brien, D. & Emery, S. D. (2014) ‘The role of the intellectual in minority group studies: reflections on Deaf studies in social and political context’ Qualitative Inquiry 20(1), 27-34.

–  Middleton A, Emery S, Palmer C & Boudreault P (2011) ‘Deaf Community and Genetics’. In eLS. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester, UK. DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0005875.pub2

– Emery, S. D., Middleton, A. & Turner, G.H. (2010) ‘Whose deaf genes are they anyway? The Deaf community challenge to legislation on embryo selection’ in Sign Language Studies 10(1), 155-169.

– Middleton, A., Emery, S.D., & Turner, G.H. (2010) ‘Views, Knowledge and Beliefs about Genetics and Genetic Counselling amongst Deaf people’ in Sign Language Studies 10(1), 170-196.

– Emery, S.D. (2009) ‘In space no-one can see you waving your hands: making citizenship meaningful to Deaf worlds’; Citizenship Studies 13(1), 31-44.
– Emery, S.D. (2007) ‘Citizenship and Sign Bilingualism: “…There is nothing wrong with being bilingual…it’s a positive and fantastic thing!“ ’, in R. Swanwick and S. Gregory (eds.) Deafness and Education International: Sign Language and Education, Special Edition, 9(4), 173-186.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

– Emery, S.D. (2015) ‘A Deaf Diaspora? Imagining Deaf Worlds Across and Beyond Nations’, in M. Friedner & A. Kusters (eds) “It’s a Small World” Inquiries into international deaf spaces, Gallaudet University Press, Gallaudet, Washington D.C.

– Bryan, A. & Emery, S. D. (2014) ‘The Case for Deaf Legal Theory through the Lens of Deaf Gain’ Deaf Gain Collection, Book Chapter, University of Minnesota Press: Minnesota.

– Emery, S.D. (2007) ‘The loneliness of the long-distance post-graduate student’ in Barnes, L., Harrington, F., and Williams, J. (eds.) Deaf Students in Higher Education: Current Research and Practice. Douglas McLean: Glos., UK.

Encylopedia Entries

– Emery, S.D. (2016) ‘Deaf Rights Activism, Global Protest’, in G. Gertz & P. Boudreault (eds) The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, SAGE: C.A., 266-271.

– Emery, S.D., & Middleton, A. (2016) ‘Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008’ in G. Gertz & P. Boudreault (eds) The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, SAGE: C.A., 472-476.

– Belk, R. & Emery, S.D. (2016) ‘Genetics and Ancestry’ in G. Gertz & P. Boudreault (eds) The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, SAGE: C.A., 436-440.

Peer Reviewed Working Papers

– Kusters, A., de Meulder, M., Friedner, M., & Emery, S.D. (2015) ‘On “diversity” and “inclusion”: Exploring paradigms for achieving Sign Language Peoples’ rights’, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity Working Paper 15-02. <accessed February 27, 2018>


– Emery, S. D. (2011) Deaf subjects: between identities and places, Disability & Society 26(2), 243-245.

– Emery, S. D. (2009) John V. Van Cleve (ed.) The Deaf History Reader. Gallaudet University Press, Washington D.C., 2007 in The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter 3(1), 104-108.

– Polich, L. (2005) The Emergence of the Deaf Community in Nicaragua: ‘With Sign Language You Can Learn So Much’; in Deafness and Education International 9(3).

– Taylor, G. and Darby, A. (eds) (2003) Deaf Identities; in Deafness and Education International 8(3).

Research Reports

– Emery, S.D. (2008) ‘The Mental Health Needs of Deaf Black Minority Ethnic People’, Research Report, Heriot-Watt University and Deaf Connections: Edinburgh and Glasgow. [Copy available on request.]


– Emery, S.D. (2009) ‘Citizenship and Capacity Building’, The British Sign Language & Linguistic Access Working Group 2008: The Long and Winding Road – A Roadmap to British Sign Language & Linguistic Access in Scotland, The Scottish Government: Scotland. Part 22, Appendix 12: <accessed 27 February 2018>

– Emery S, Burke Blankmeyer T, Middleton A, Belk R, Turner G (2008) Reproductive Liberty and Deafness: Clause 14(4)(9) of the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill should be amended or deleted.  British Medical Journal. Letter to the Editor, published online 21 April 2008.

– Emery, S.D. (2006) Citizenship and the Deaf Community. PhD Thesis, University of Central Lancashire.

– Emery, S. (2003) ‘Working Through the Pain of Change’ in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers’ Group: Wakefield, 17-21.

– Emery, S. (2003) ‘A Personal Account of My Experience as a Deaf Child in a Mainstream (oral) School’ in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers’ Group: Wakefield, 11-13.

– Emery, S. (2002) ‘The Deaf Nation 5 Years On’, Deaf Worlds 18(3), 103-104.


– Emery, S.D. ‘A Case Study: the group rights of Sign Language Peoples’ (undergoing redraft 2018)

– Emery, S.D. & Ladd, P. (under revision) Sleepwalking into Eugenics? Monograph.

 Successful grant applications

 Mental Health Needs of Deaf Black Minority Ethnic Community in Glasgow, with Deaf Connections Scotland, Scottish Executive, July 2007; successfully awarded a small grant of £7,000.

Recognising Group Rights in Educational Policy, with The University of Bristol, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, March 2008; successfully awarded £67,000.

Identifying opposition to Eugenic practices, with University of Bristol (PI: Dr Paddy Ladd), Leverhulme Trust, February 2010 successfully awarded £140,000

 Select unsuccessful grant applications

– Media Reporting on the Deaf Community: Implications for Citizenship, with Professor Graham Turner as Principal Investigator, ESRC, May 2005

– Uniting UK Deaf Academics: A Radical Case Study in Engaged Research, Leading Bid Writer for University of Bristol; joint application with University of Central Lancashire, University of Manchester, Heriot-Watt University, and University College London, July 2009.

– Narratives of the Lives of Deaf asylum seekers and refugees in the UK, with The University of Bristol, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, May 2010

– Evaluating the mental health of families of deaf children using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, with the University of Bristol, to Medical Research Council, £600,000 sought with me as PI. May 2012.

Bringing radical politics to young Deaf people: engaging in protest and alternative activism, with University of Bristol, to Joseph Rowntree Trust, £82,000 sought with me as PI. August 2012.

Evidence base for BSL Policy Unit, a joint collaboration with Thomas Lichy of DeafLondon, to Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL)    £39,958 sought with me as PI. July 2016.


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