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Book/DVD offer extended / citizenship website now up / group rights research findings included

A quick message here that the special offer on the book/dvd (BSL), Citizenship and the Deaf Community, has been extended by Ishara Press until the end of June 2011.

This co-incides with a new website http://deafcitizenship.com

A few words about the website: I bought the domain name in 2007. I wanted the BSL DVD to be ready before I launched it.

The details of the Ishara Press Book/DVD are on the website, with a link to the BSL Uptake project clips from the DVD.

The website also contains the full notes from the launch meeting that was held on 31st March 2011, at the Friends Meeting House and funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Crucially, the meeting was also a dissemination of my most recent research into the concept of minority group rights. These notes are undergoing updating.  I expect the video recording of the meeting to go up on the website when I can work out how to do it – it’s around two and half hours long! The website is the first one I have ever designed or put up.

It will, I hope, in future, become a resource for all work on citizenship and group rights in relation to the Deaf community and signed languages.

I know there is more work out there on this subject, please let me know if you want it to be put up.


PhD Book/DVD details: Citizenship and the Deaf Community

Many thanks for everyone who attended the launch of the Book/DVD and raised interesting questions and engaged in an absorbing discussion.  There were many questions raised that gave me a lot to think about, many of which would be useful for further reflection.

Finally, however, the DVD is available. The DVD is inside the back of the book, the discount is available until the end of May 2011.

For details of how to obtain the Book/DVD (and also some other DVDs and books available from Ishara Press) click on the following link: flyer_for_Emery_book

The usual cost is reduced: please note, I do not take a penny in royalties, all money goes to the Deaf Empowerment Foundation, of which Ishara Press is the publishing division and which undertakes work of an empowering nature with Deaf people in developing countries.

As usual any reviews or critiques of the PhD are welcome!


Further DVD Launch details

In addition to the information in the blog entry below, re: 31st March, this coming Thursday’s launch and group rights presentations:

1. There is no booking system for the event, so no tickets are needed, you may turn up on the night. It stars at 7pm. The doors open 6.30pm

2. Ishara Press have announced the cost of the DVD and Book will sell at £30; however there is an initial reduction of £8 so you can buy it for £22.

Look forward to seeing you there!

The facebook page is here:


DVD Launch Event Details

Thursday 31 March · 18:30 – 21:30


Friends House, Euston, Central London

173-177 Euston Road
London, United Kingdom

Created by:

More info

The event is to Launch Dr Steven Emery’s Book and DVD in British Sign Language ‘Citizenship and the Deaf Community’. Dr Emery will give a brief presentation also on his citizenship and group rights research.

The event is kindly funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

The Friends House room has room for 85 people, it is a public event and there will be BSL/English Interpreters.

It will be run by the Centre for Deaf Studies, Bristol.

The Book/DVD is produced by Ishara Press, University of Central Lancashire

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gruelling year ends soon

There’s no denying it – the Chinese year of the Tiger (my sign btw 😉 hasn’t been easy, forever plugging away workwise, one thing after another popping up on top of the usuals. Some grim, others exciting, most in-between.

Can never complain: but has meant the blog’s got sidelined, so apologies for that as some significant stuff’s been going on.

Write ups hope to become regular in 2011 after the hols, but here’s a sum-up:

1. Completed the Group Rights project, one dissemination meet held, another meeting in London due on 20th; have a video recording that I hope to put up after that. I feel very indebted to the people who took part in the project, who have played a crucial part in enabling the development of a positive theory of Deaf people’s minority group rights – more to follow soon.

2. New Genetics and Deafhood project to start asap (that one will run until Octo 2012). This one was announced on Bristol Uni website; it is led by Paddy Ladd 🙂 So I am back into the genetics frying pan !

3. My DVD in BSL already has a publisher (Ishara Press), has been produced, and will be launched in the New Year. Book in English also published. It has taken time, but watch this space! (In the meantime you can watch clips from it on the BSL Uptake project website.)

4. European Parliament visit last month, November: I was pleased to be able to attend this (big thanks Annika and Mark) and saw Adam Kosa MEP for the first time, and this could be the start of a big moment at European level Deaf politics, and especially for EUD. I hope to write on this soon with my observations, praises, and constructive critiques 😉


Some not so good developments have also rocked a lot of people’s lives, and I will write in more detail about those here:

First, the teaching out of the BSc at the Centre for Deaf Studies. All the detail about this is on the savedeafstudies campaign website. The Centre itself is not subject to closure (although the fears linger), but with the loss of the BSc there are bound to be major effects. I understand the initial campaign, that received the most superb support from around the world, has lost momentum since the summer, but internal work is ongoing to ensure the Centre puts itself on a stronger base in the coming months.

Secondly, the totally disasterous ‘Browne Report’, that got through Parliament last week through the coalition government. As it passes through the various phrases to become official, the changes are going to be structurally massive and effect staff and students alike.  It is likely that students in humanities and social sciences will be forced to find 100% of funding of their studies, for example.

Secondly, these cuts have been pushed through by a new right-wing Coalition Government of Tories and the Lib-Dems (often referred to as he Con-Dem government). It’s unfortunate that it had to come to seeing Lib Dems getting some form of power to realise that they were not and never have been ‘left’ or ‘alternative’ in any way or form.

It is very, very disappointed to see one of the greatest campaigners on Deaf issues in Parliament, Malcolm Bruce, vote in favour of the proposals.

Neither were Labour much better, of course; as they were the ones who introduced tuition fees and initiated the Browne Report.

The climate it has created will make it harder for Deaf people generally, as I wrote in my blog two years ago when the credit cruch started. It is the marginalised, vulnerable and poorer sections of society who bear the brunt of cuts in a disproportiate way. Women, especially, are going to be hard hit in numerous ways.

So now Bristol City Council finds an opportunity to push for the closure of Elmfield Deaf school into a resource-based unit (although I know there are some who predicted this is what would happen as a result of changes some 5 years previously). Also worrying, however, is the planned cuts in Deaf youth services.

I know they say things come in three’s but….

For me personally, there has been some inspiration and hope: students, lecturers and staff protested against the changes to CDS last May (incidentally right after UK election day) with a lively and vibrant campaign that attracted wide media coverage.

And students generally have refused to accept that a rise in tuition fees and massive cutbacks are ‘inevitable’, but have instead demonstrated through the streets of Bristol and elsewhere in the UK (notably London last week), and also occupied part of the university to set up ‘open spaces’.

These open spaces have widespread support: they have already held one ‘teach in’ on the purpose and value of higher education. In other occupations, subjects have included discussions as to what an alternative, non corporate education system might mean in practice.

That’s a very relevant subject for Deaf education and Deaf people generally, for as we know, the education system has failed Deaf people over the years, and the community is in a situation where it requires open and honest discussion and debate on what is the alternative to deaf kids being sent off, isolated, to mainstream schools.

I hope that 2011 sees people urgently discussing and pursuing alternatives before we see an autiobiography in our shops entitled: ‘my experiences in the last Deaf school standing’.




BSL DVD of PhD ‘Citizenship and the Deaf Community’ finally ready

Blimey the time has really flown! Shocked, it was January 2008 the DVD’s were completed (was it really that long ago I set up the blog??), but after many delays, particularly checking the covers (my name was spelt ‘Seven’ on the originals ahem!), and the English headings within the DVD’s, they are now in my hands.

Now, this will be interesting.  I’m assuming it would be difficult to get it published in the form it is at present; written PhD’s are copyrighted, so only the British Library and the University where it was passed will be able to have copies (and one for me, of course). Hmmm, how will these two institutions keep the 19 DVD blockbuster, I wonder?

One company that produces DVD’s has already suggested looking at the possibility of marketing it, so the next step is to make enquiries. Otherwise, hopefully, I will be able to get clips of it up on a website. Actually, putting up clips is the plan anyway, regardless. I bought the domain name ‘deafcitizenship’ some time ago for that purpose, so as to make the site truly bilingual from inception so maybe there.

Hope to have fun soon!

BSL DVD of PhD complete!

The BSL translation of my PhD is complete, less than one year after the confirmation of the award!

It is now in editing stage. I’m immensely proud to have got it done, and very well pleased with Tessa Padden who has worked hard on it.

Questions might be asked as to why I did not do it myself? The fact is, I know if I left it to be translated in BSL when I got the time myself, it simply would never have got done, not least because I’m not really confident on camera. In anticipation of that, money was set aside to pay for Tessa to do it.

Sure I make an appearance, doing most of the beginning, and the start of each chapter.

Once editing is complete the DVD will be sent to a number of higher educational institutions, where it can be watched or ordered by anyone who wants to.

There has been no real grand launch of my PhD precisely because I have been waiting to get the BSL version complete. Now that is nearly done I can start going ‘on the road’ with the findings of the research.

It’ll make up 19-20 DVD’s though, so will probably be good for insomnia (joking).