BSL DVD of PhD ‘Citizenship and the Deaf Community’ finally ready

Blimey the time has really flown! Shocked, it was January 2008 the DVD’s were completed (was it really that long ago I set up the blog??), but after many delays, particularly checking the covers (my name was spelt ‘Seven’ on the originals ahem!), and the English headings within the DVD’s, they are now in my hands.

Now, this will be interesting.  I’m assuming it would be difficult to get it published in the form it is at present; written PhD’s are copyrighted, so only the British Library and the University where it was passed will be able to have copies (and one for me, of course). Hmmm, how will these two institutions keep the 19 DVD blockbuster, I wonder?

One company that produces DVD’s has already suggested looking at the possibility of marketing it, so the next step is to make enquiries. Otherwise, hopefully, I will be able to get clips of it up on a website. Actually, putting up clips is the plan anyway, regardless. I bought the domain name ‘deafcitizenship’ some time ago for that purpose, so as to make the site truly bilingual from inception so maybe there.

Hope to have fun soon!