About this site

Updated: 27 February 2018

I originally set up this blog in November 2007 following the introduction of Clause 14.4.9 of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill and the campaign to oppose the clause.

It has since become a means of opening up my research work to a wider public and encouraging comment, feedback, etc., from happenings and goings on in many different areas – academic, political, social, personal; in both deaf and mainstream societies.

Having trained (myself) as a typesetter and worked 8 years in the industry, I embarked on a life change to obtain my BA in Cultural Studies in 1992. The following 10 years were spent working at various occupations with different Deaf communities before taking up a PhD scholarship. I was officially awarded my PhD in February 2007, entitled: Citizenship and the Deaf Community. It was transformed into a book in 2011 and comes with a DVD in British Sign Language. It can be bought here from Ishara Press.

The full reference and ISBN number are as follows: Emery, S. D. (2011) Citizenship and the Deaf Community, Ishara Press: Nijmegen, The Netherlands. ISBN: 978-90-8656-008-0.

I am currently working with the MobileDeaf team at Heriot-Watt University on a research project on international deaf migration.

I was employed by Gallaudet University as a visiting professor for the Spring 2013 term. Prior to that, I was a Research Associate on the research project ‘Genetics and Deafhood’, at the University of Bristol, based at the Centre for Deaf Studies (now closed). That post began October 1st 2010 and I was previously on an Early Careers Fellowship, also at the University of Bristol University, from 2008-2010. Both posts were funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

I have some understanding of Irish Sign Language, American Sign Language and International Sign.

To find out more details about me, visit my profile at the Sussex Deaf History People webpage. I’m a lifelong Brighton and Hove Albion football fan. In 2011, I took to running and also resumed playing football, very proudly turning out for Bristol Deaf Football Club in the first half of the 2012-2013 season, and completed a marathon in 3:59 in 2014. Other passions include film (non-English language), community/alternative political issues, a wide variety of music (mainly ska/reggae and psytrance), and travelling.


Contact me: tigerbee.steve@gmail.com or s.emery@hw.ac.uk


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