Letter to UK Border Agency re: Lawand Hamadamin, age 6

UK Border Agency

East Midlands Reporting Centre

10 South Street


LE11 3EY


Monday 2 January 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Lawand Hamadamin

I am writing (in a personal capacity) against the deportation of 6-year-old Lawand Hamadamin and his family. They must leave the UK on or after 9th January 2017 or face deportation.

I am a UK born and raised citizen who became deaf at the age of 4 from meningitis. I have worked as a deaf advice worker and now work for Citizens Advice in project management. I am a qualified counsellor since 1998, and I obtained my PhD in Citizenship and the Deaf Community in 2007. Since then I have taught and researched at universities in the UK and the USA. I also have many peer reviewed publications. Thus I am in a position to understand and appreciate the impact the deportation will have on Lawand.

I oppose the deportation for several reasons:

  1. Just when he is beginning to develop a language, British Sign Language (BSL), Lawand will become unsettled. This will have an adverse psychological impact on him.
  1. There are no guarantees that the family’s application for asylum in Germany will succeed.
  1. There is no guarantee the family will find a place at a German school that will allow Lawand to develop Germany Sign Language (DGS) and a deaf identity.

Lawand has been attending the Royal School for the Deaf, in Derby. There has been a positive impact on his life and wellbeing. Lawand and his family have already had a nightmarish journey to get to the UK. They have suffered enough and deserve a chance at Derby where they have begun to settle.

I understand Lawand and his family were first registered in Greece and Germany. I also recognise that the intention is not to return him to a place of danger, i.e. Iraq. But recent tragic events in Germany show that safety there is not guaranteed.

If the UK Border Agency deports Lawand it will disrupt his development. Assuming he relocates at a deaf school, DGS is different to BSL. He then must learn two new languages, DGS and German. Allowing him to remain at Derby with the support of the school is vital for his development as a young deaf boy. I have worked with the school for a short time in the past and can testify to the high standard of quality and care. He has had a positive impact on everyone in that city, who have treated him with the utmost care and respect.

I appeal to you to reverse this harsh deportation and allow Lawand and his family to remain in the UK.

Yours faithfully


Dr Steven D. Emery (in a personal capacity)


Ms Amber Rudd, MP, Home Secretary

2 Marsham Street




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