So farewell then, Centre for Deaf Studies, Bristol

I guess the end is in sight 😦 No-one can say it went down without a fight.

It was nice knowing you (from 2008 until 2012). Arriving full of hope and dreams of expansion and staying on long term, the crisis hit and the opposite direction unravelled.

I gained great life-long friends and fond memories of fun times, great parties and special graduation ceremonies. Two of my research projects, group rights, and deafhood and genetics, passed through you too, and I was privileged to have taught Deaf People in Politics and the Media.

My contract ran out last December, and I took up a visiting professorship post at Gallaudet for the Spring 2013 semester (in no small part due to the work I had done under your roof). You held some amazing workshops and seminars, the ones by David Harvey and Shami Chakrabarti in particular come to mind. At times you were weird, I think you will know what I mean: perfect you were not, but trail-blazing, challenging you were. There really was never a dull moment.

And your ‘team terp’…it was loyal, consistent, energetic, reliable, honest, and always up for a heavy academic challenge. It was the best ever. I miss you massively 😥


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