Updatings and my upcoming 13.1 mile slog sponsor appeal

Le old blog feels rusty and in need of a grand update so I’m onto it!

It’s been erratic, sporadic and manic : maybe good, sometimes maybe not.

Also…I discovered some great blogs to follow and link up with ; there’s some hip and coolness out there in the midst of our continuous struggles – with life, with authority, with people, and even within ourselves.

Great to see : I’m gonna link up to stuff and people and issues I like and value.

Got loads to write, but, for now, I’m excited to be running my first half marathon in just two weeks time 🙂

I’m hoping for some sponsors to inspire me when the going gets tough, plus to raise some money for Bristol Deaf Football Club – who are doing fantastically well but, as always, require money to keep going and attracting newer players: so, I’ve set up this sponsor page (it shows supporting Bristol Deaf Club, but I’ve asked for all funds to go to BDFC):

Full url is http://www.everyclick.com/tigerbeebathhalf

Tiger off to sleep, til next time 🙂


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