Book/DVD offer extended / citizenship website now up / group rights research findings included

A quick message here that the special offer on the book/dvd (BSL), Citizenship and the Deaf Community, has been extended by Ishara Press until the end of June 2011.

This co-incides with a new website

A few words about the website: I bought the domain name in 2007. I wanted the BSL DVD to be ready before I launched it.

The details of the Ishara Press Book/DVD are on the website, with a link to the BSL Uptake project clips from the DVD.

The website also contains the full notes from the launch meeting that was held on 31st March 2011, at the Friends Meeting House and funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Crucially, the meeting was also a dissemination of my most recent research into the concept of minority group rights. These notes are undergoing updating.  I expect the video recording of the meeting to go up on the website when I can work out how to do it – it’s around two and half hours long! The website is the first one I have ever designed or put up.

It will, I hope, in future, become a resource for all work on citizenship and group rights in relation to the Deaf community and signed languages.

I know there is more work out there on this subject, please let me know if you want it to be put up.


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