Italy proposals met with opposition

Rather worrying events in Italy have drawn the attention of the world’s Deaf people. The full details are at Grumpy Old Deafies and I wanted to add my support for the opposition to what’s happening in Italy – I wrote to the President of the Italian Parliament and others yesterday to express my extreme concerns (see G.O.D for my letter along with others).

I want to put up two things here: a copy of the Press Release, and secondly express my support for the numerous protests taking place on Wednesday 25th May [corrected 30th May], and add that I think it’s very heartening to see activity take place at such short notice. Planned so far are marches/vigils at: London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin, Berlin and Washington DC.



World Outcry Against Italian Parliament Bill

There is a bill in the Italian Parliament that was originally going to
recognize Italian Sign Language (LIS), but pro-CI/oral “special
interests” succeeded in changing the wording that will change LIS to
LMG, which is Language of Mimes and Gestures.

The Deaf sign language using community throughout the world are
outraged by this insult. It has long since been proven and recognised
worldwide that sign language is a language in every sense of the word.
Just as any spoken language it has its own structure – syntax,
linguistics, synonyms and morphisms.

Tomorrow world wide people from the Deaf and hearing community are
gathering in protest.

In Belfast at 16:00 many Deaf people and hearing supporters are
meeting at the City Hall to protest and sign a petition against this
blatant and deliberate discrimination against the Deaf sign language
using community in Italy and around the world. Please support our

Lina Kankeviciute
Chairperson Limepie Theatre and member of Deaf Community


To all you who are marching today


The British Deaf Association is appalled, at the proposed new change
in the wording of the legislation being discussed by the Italian
Parliament today.. It is not only an insult to sign language but to
the Deaf people throughout the world who have fought many battles to
get our indigenous sign languages recognised by governments The
European Parliament has officially stated and this was reaffirmed only
last November In Brussels, and it also reaffirmed and has long since

been proven and recognised worldwide that sign language is a language

the same as spoken languages. And just as any spoken language,

TO all those on the March my sincere thanks and appreciation, my only
regret is I am unable to join you as I am attending the EUD GA in
Budapest, my heart, mind and souls is with you all

Terry Riley
British Deaf Association

With thanks to Alison for providing the above details


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