As revolution sweeps the middle east…

In the 1990’s it was the ‘communist’/state capitalist regimes that fell one by one: in the 2010’s it’s the middle east dictatorships of Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain and now Iraq that are under threat from popular revolt!  The demands are popular: improve services, spend funds on reducing poverty, allow voting, improve the lives of the people, of the workers and the rural poor.

My question is: how do Deaf people in the region view these events? Are there any bloggers, video’s, eye-witnesses from the region?

Our own government  are 100% complicit in the repression of the people in the region, selling weapons of destruction to states such as Bahrain, turning a blind eye to Mubarak’s repressive regme, courting Gadaffi, etc.

And as for the mass media, if this was happening in the UK or USA, whose version of events would the wider world be getting?

My purpose for this blog entry is to request links where we might be able to disseminate eye-witness accounts of Deaf people at these events. Their views, hopes, feelings, aspirations, and their place and space at the events.  There is already one account from Egypt, captured on video and spread via U-tube during those momentous events*. Are there any more? I would imagine so and would be interested in seeing what we might have missed.

No doubt the people are far too busy taking to the streets, protesting, uniting with others; in addition, there may be little internet access, and what access there is, is being curtailed by the authorities!


*thanks to iMephisto for originally drawing my attention to the U-tube clip through Facebook


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  1. One might temper your view with some caution, the primary people who might take over from strict regimes, are die-hard Islamic fundamentalists. In Egypt, Libya and Aden/Bahrain. Be afraid, VERY Afraid if Bin laden’s supporters oust the Royal Family there, imagine Bin-laden with all THAT oil and wealth, they will squeeze the western world till the pips squeak. Has America learnt nothing from the Iraqi farce, at least Saddam kept bin laden out, and Egypt maintained dialogue with Israel. It’s in the interests of expediency to be mindful, if they want their own security left intact. America is becoming the biggest Island on the planet…. and the Russians/Chinese/north koreans will sell to anyone.

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