Upcoming dates – including launch of DVD in BSL and other news

On the evening of 31st March, at the Friends Meeting House, Euston, London, I will (finally) be launching my Book and BSL DVD on ‘Citizenship and the Deaf Community’, and giving a presentation on Citizenship and Group Rights.

It is an open meeting and all are welcome to attend: a Facebook link will be set up soon.

Between 9th and 12th February, I am presenting at the Supporting Deaf People Online Conference; the information and conference registration is here:

What a fantastic line-up of ‘speakers’ too: Harlan Lane, Jen Dodds, Liz Scully and many more from the UK and the world!

I have started up the Genetics and Deafhood project, which will also be seeing a Facebook page soon, and want to thank everyone who has written to me about it. Further information coming and contacts to get the project firing will be up soon.

My presentations at Bristol University (22nd November 2010) and DCal (20th January 2011) on the Group Rights research went very well and were well received, with lots of interesting questions and discussion. The aim is to publish the findings in an academic journal as soon as possible, a first draft has already been undertaken.

More postings to follow soon 🙂



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