Moving on and apologies

My many apologies for not keeping up to date with this blog 😦 So I am just writing a brief summary here for now.

But…a lot has been happening, I’ve not been away on holiday.

Firstly, I am moving to University of Bristol from the beginning of October.  To my delight I was awarded an early careers fellowship from Leverhulme Trust.  This is a two year fellowship and will enable me to continue working in an academic environment.   I’m particularly pleased given that I’ve spent the last two years on short term contracts; valuable as that experience has been it’s stressful working on contracts that last less than a year.  The piece of research I will be undertaking will be exploring the concept of group rights in education, with deaf children as the case study.  This follows on very nicely from my PhD in citizenship, where Deaf people expressed serious concerns for the education of deaf children, and this fellowship will enable me to investigate this further.

But first of all, there is work to complete and I have been keeping busy with analysis of research that has been undertaken on Deaf people’s attitudes and beliefs on genetics.  We have our workshop at Cardiff on 18th September to disseminate the findings.  I’m also giving a paper on the subject at a conference in Amsterdam on 25/26 September, and will be at the Centre for Deaf Studies 30 year celebrations in Bristol on 27th September.

My small-scale but important piece of research on mental health in the Glasgow Black Minority Ethnic Community has been complete; I’ve written up the report and that is due for launch and publication in November.

I’m particularly pleased that a 7,000 word peer-reviewed article I wrote on citizenship is due to be published in Citizenship Studies; it’s a good summary, I think, of what my PhD is all about.

On a lighter note, I managed to catch some of the Edinburgh Festival amidst all the work, seeing two signed comedies and watched three mime-comedies as well as some street theatre and a fab exhibition.   And I treated myself by buying a replica Brighton and Hove Albion away strip that arrived today, but my excitement was dampened cos they lost today for the first time this season 4-1 😦  Oh well, the players are probably all excited about facing Man City (and Robhino?) in the Carling cup…

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