Two other projects to mention…and an update on the genetics research project

In addition to research on attitudes to genetics there are two other projects currently being worked on at Heriot Watt.

The first is subtitling; there has been very little done into how deaf and hard of hearing people read subtitles, what they think of it, and what styles and types they prefer.  A guy at Heriot-Watt, Pablo Romero, is doing his PhD on this subject; they are collecting views of Deaf and hard of hearing people in three different European countries, and I’m working with him advising and assisting with setting up groups etc.  It is hoped that the findings of the project will help in the running of courses for translators who want to work in subtitling, so it does have a practical application.

The second is research on the mental health needs of Deaf Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people in Glasgow.  This is a pilot research project spread over 5 months and involves me working with the Deaf BME Officer in the Glasgow Deaf community to evidence whether there is any need for a larger project (or what might be necessary that would support the community there in Glasgow).

Two very different projects, therefore, and along with the genetics research are keeping me busy!

Incidentally the collection of data in the Deaf community for the genetics project is now complete and I will begin working on analysis of the data.  Information from hard of hearing people has yet to be collected but will start very shortly.  Results of the findings will be published in journals and presentations given to conferences in the future.

Apologies if that is a very dry rendering of where my life is with work in progress; but I just wanted to give a brief information update for now 😉



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