My See Hear complaint

Annoyed with the way my See Hear interview had been conducted (see previous entry) I decided to complain. It had been that bad I was considering withdrawing from it.

Now, let me make a few comments about the nature of a ‘complaint’ from my point of view. It can be quite a positive thing to do; not only empowering from the complainers perspective, but it might actually lead to changes for the better.

The complaint was centred on the professionalism of the producer (and was nothing personal, he seemed like a nice enough guy), who seemed to be far too involved in the subject to maintain any impartiality. It’s impossible for anybody to be completely neutral, we all have views, feelings and beliefs, etc; the problem for me was that they seemed to have become as important, if not more important than, having a debate over this issue. I’m not interested in ‘winning’ debates, there are no winners or losers, although I know people will look at it that way.

I received a prompt reply from the Editor of See Hear, who apologised for what had happened, and he wrote that the producer was also very sorry for what had happened.

I have accepted that for now…will have to wait to see how the programme turns out.


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