BSL DVD of PhD complete!

The BSL translation of my PhD is complete, less than one year after the confirmation of the award!

It is now in editing stage. I’m immensely proud to have got it done, and very well pleased with Tessa Padden who has worked hard on it.

Questions might be asked as to why I did not do it myself? The fact is, I know if I left it to be translated in BSL when I got the time myself, it simply would never have got done, not least because I’m not really confident on camera. In anticipation of that, money was set aside to pay for Tessa to do it.

Sure I make an appearance, doing most of the beginning, and the start of each chapter.

Once editing is complete the DVD will be sent to a number of higher educational institutions, where it can be watched or ordered by anyone who wants to.

There has been no real grand launch of my PhD precisely because I have been waiting to get the BSL version complete. Now that is nearly done I can start going ‘on the road’ with the findings of the research.

It’ll make up 19-20 DVD’s though, so will probably be good for insomnia (joking).



  1. Great to learn that your PHD has now been completed and that it will be available in BSL on DVD! Can I ask what the hypothesis was and the length of the DVD, please? Will it be available for the general public to purchase – if so put my name at the top of the mailing list, please. 🙂



  2. Hi, thanks Jeff

    You can contact me on my work email (see ‘who am i’) and I’ll send a copy of the thesis.

    Currently looking at the possibilities of marketing DVD: either selling or loan to Higher Education Institutes, not sure yet so watch this space.

    There will be 20 CDs; roughly 20hrs duration.


  3. Hi,

    Really? 19 -20 DVD’s that is a lot! Perhaps you could save money by using a system called blue-ray because it has more memory than DVD’s

    I think its good idea BSL PhD in DVD.


  4. Hi Simon,
    The DVD is complete; English titles just being checked, then I need to decide how to distribute it, so watch this space!
    Thanks for suggestion of blue-ray, but DVD was decided some time ago.

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